Suez Canal

The Suez Canal is a man-made sea-level waterway that connects the Mediterranean and Red seas, providing a crucial shortcut between Europe and Asia. Learn about its history, significance,...

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Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a saltwater lake located between Jordan to the east and Israel to the west. It is the lowest point on earth at more than...

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Red Sea

The Red Sea, located between Africa and Asia, is a unique and captivating place, boasting a rich history, diverse geography, and spectacular marine life.

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Baltic Sea

Baltic sea is the home to a wide range of flora and fauna, this maritime wonderland also faces many environmental challenges. Discover the rich history and vibrant tourism...

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Arabian Sea

The Arabian Sea is a vast body of water that's located in the northwestern part of the Indian Ocean. With beautiful blue waters, interesting marine life, and a...

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Seas of the World

Seas are large bodies of saltwater that are partially enclosed by land and are connected to an ocean. They can be found all over the world and range...

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Mediterranean Sea

Welcome to the Mediterranean Sea, a region of oceanic beauty and diverse culture. Located between Europe, Africa, and Asia, its shores are home to numerous fascinating civilizations. Experience...

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South China Sea

The South China Sea is one of the most contentious regions in the world. But beyond the political disputes, lies a beautiful and diverse ecosystem that is home...

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Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea is located in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the Caribbean islands and nearby countries.

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